Oct 312009

Friday Night Magic Standings 10-30-09

Jason Prindle took 4-0 in this weeks FNM draft. When drafting mono white in a format of heavy hitters, Jason second picks the Armament Master and plenty of random equipments to beef up his Conquers Pledge to have 12 2/2 Kor Soldiers!

Good job Jason, and hope to see everyone out at FNM on Friday nights at 7:30pm. 12$ Zendikar Draft

Thanks guys,
King Cody

  2 Responses to “Friday Night Magic Standings 10-30-09”

  1. Cody, How about a free constructed FNM with FNM foils for prizes. Then start the draft after the second round of constructed. If you go 0-2 in constructed you can drop and draft (and double up on player rewards). Just a thought. BTW glad you guys got a webpage. You should start a FB group.

  2. you know i want to, but not till this gets a bit more beef in it :)

    and starting next week we may be doing that

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