Zendikar Game Day~Halloween

Zendikar Game Day Results

Zendikar Game Day Results

John Lindsey rolls in from Colombia last weekend, showing everyone that once again, Jund is the Deck to Beat. Although, check out Matt Jacques, playing a reworked Elves, (even without Heritage Druids, Wren’s Run’s and Wilt-leaf Lieges) to post up a very good result with a bad choice in the last round to Draw in hopes to maintain his points only to end up falling to fourth.

Also, very important to note although not Celebrated the same around the world, Zendikar Game Day was also Celebrated on Halloween. Which most importantly means free candy for all to enjoy, and fun costumes.

if anyone has a picture of the Enke boys, especially the man Josh “Kenny Powers” Enke please feel free to post that everywhere because that was the best ever. just saying.

all in all the event went amazing, thanks everyone for coming out and hopefully i will edit this in the next week to add the deck lists

Thanks guys and hope to see ya next week

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